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We’ve been supporting the catering businesses of our customers for 30 years because their success is our success. We are a team of professionals specializing in many areas - designers of catering equipment, professional marketers, who are also product advisors, culinary experts, equipment installers and service technicians.

We espouse a business-oriented approach to the catering industry and we understand the necessity of success. Because of that we not only provide advice, but also support our customers, cooperate with them, and develop strong partner relationships. We recommend the bestsolutions, off er the most reliable equipment and we try to ensure the safety of our customers, starting from their idea for a company all the way to their successful conduct of a catering business. The catering industry is our passion.

We produce catering equipment and select the products of renowned international manufacturers in cooperation with the best specialists. We have many years of experience in the catering industry as well as extensive knowledge that we are happy to share.



In 2018, we launched the industry’s most advanced Logistics Center, in which we use state of the art processes and technologies for the organization of the distribution to domestic and foreign customers.

29 000 pallet spaces

Shipment on the day of the order

More than 7000 products in stock



State of the art Catering Equipment Production Plant in Radom

In the factory in Radom, launched in 2008, we produce stainless steel catering furniture 24/7 and upon special orders, as well as dishwashers and glassware washers with sanitization functions, heating lines, food serving lines and small adjustable appliances.

As the only company in the country, we produce catering accessories made of plastics, including racks for dishwashers and cutting boards. We are gradually expanding our off er to include new products from this group.

As a market leader, we have introduced innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in the production of stainless steel catering furniture. We are gradually expanding this process to other manufactured devices.

In August 2019, we launched a new factory, where we produce heating lines from the “700 series” as well as dishwashers.

State of the art machine park

Meticulous quality control procedures

An experienced team of R&D professionals


The products qualified for the final in the "Work sphere" category of the prestigious Goods Design competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw.


We located our new headquarters in an office building at 9 Konesera Square, in Warsaw's Praga district between Białostocka and Ząbkowska Streets. Such a unique place with a a stamp of history required a project that would emphasize its single character.

Stalgast is expeditious, efficient and effective- such values are promoted by the modern office space.

It promotes active search for improvements, solutions and new ideas, as well as timely work manners with highest rate of implementation of tasks.

Provides the best communication between people and maintains high standards of work comfort.

Provides access to relaxation zones